retailers and chains

Instantly get all the product information you need  

Database with structured product information

Fewer headaches, more time

Save 15 hours per SKU and automatically import product data into your web-shop with X-Trade by Xeris.

Mobile e-commerce thanks to structured product data. Improve both product and customer experience through better quality searchable product information

Reduce consumer's returns

Better quality product data can lower returns due to wrong or incomplete information by 5-10%.

Improve your webshop conversion and retention rates through an omnichannel presence, better personalisation and choice

Reach new markets faster

Leverage the value of centralised digital product data to scale your e-commerce strategy and accelerate international growth.

intelligent data adapter

We adapt to your system, not the other way around

"Connect and forget" X-Trade by Xeris to any system to conveniently access, compare, and select thousands of standardized format products from a single place. Your website or online shop is instantly and effortlessly updated and ready to sell!

assortment builder

Create your product assortment visually

Widen your product offering, without worrying about the thousands of colour and material options and component codes for each product.

With our “assortment builder” finding, selecting, and updating the product variants you want to offer according to seasons, trends, and sales feedback is now a visual, simple, and fast process.

Upcoming feature

Sales builder

Build complex products together with the customer - Upcoming Feature

Instant, reliable product information anywhere, anytime

With thousands of retail partners globally and about 500 formats to support these partners, it's difficult to keep up.

"Connect and forget" and be always up to date. Automatically.

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Make your supply chain digital

All your product data in one place

Automation saves you time and money  

We adapt to your systems

Digital contracts

Assortment builder

Advanced analysis

Import to Webshop, BIM, PIM, CMS, ERP

International standards: GPC, ETIM, UNSPSC, eCLASS, HS Code, BIM 

Export from ERP, BIM, PIM, DAM, EPD